sábado, 4 de junho de 2011

Song of Life

Now, this is very old. I mean, very old. I wrote it in 2004. It doesn't say anything, really. Just a random poem, maybe to become a song one day. The Song of Life, though I never sang such a song as this poem describes...

Song of Life - sometime in 2002

So I began to sing the song
About them all, about it all
About our love, about our hates,
About the truth I've always known.
The song appeared just by itself:
What did I sing? – I had no clue
But I just sang, and it appeared,
And it became my Song of Truth.
The song - it flew, it flew away,
Above the hills, beyond the sea.
My friends heard it - they understood,
What I ment singing – yes, they knew
For they had known it through their lives...
The song appeared beyoud my thought -
The way the true art does appear.
But then – it was forever lost,
I sang it once – just once, however.
The Song of Life - the Song of Truth,
It ended soon after its start.
And never was it sung again,
For it was lost within my mind.
And it has been the best I've made,
But no one ever wrote it down,
For it had passed beyond the sea,
And it had passed beyond the dawn,
To where, maybe, elves still live
And where dwarves in stones still carve.

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