segunda-feira, 15 de junho de 2015

Unspoken farewells, continued

One more strophe written. A road from loss to despair to revival to hope to perchance despair once more, or perchance bliss. Time will tell - or not.

Unspoken farewells

I have seen battles fought under the stars
Rain falling down from the thickening clouds
Lightning in darkness and fire on the trees
Crimson-red thunder, destroyer of dreams.

Battles were lost, like so many before
Hope's gone away, to return nevermore
Under the water the rivers now die
Under the mountain the dwarven lords lie

Under the Shadow the sun fades away
Cold, freezing darkness; a deafening gray.
Voices of friends who had left long ago -
Unspoken farewells in the silence of dawn.

On roads with no end, walking down through the mist
No signs and no crossroads, just trails paved with weeds
You're nearly blind, and the choice's but your own...
Unspoken farewells in the silence of dawn.

Unspoken farewells - for the paths that once crosses
Once more had divided; but say, what was lost?
The Darkness fell not, and the Sun still doth shine
Forgotten in dreams, ancient songs may survive

While songs never sung linger still in our hearts
The light from the past may break through the grey clouds
The darkness may fade with the breaking of dawn
A dawn made of silence, but also of hope.

Of hope neverending; of roads that go on
Of sunlight, and flowers, and music and song
A dance in the meadow; a walk by the waves
While far-away lighting illumines the plains.

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