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Grace the Fallen Angel - 2002

Algo que escrevi em 2002. Era pra ser um poema épico gigante, mas não dei continuidade a ele. Tem versões (distintas) em português e em inglês...
Se passa num mundo de high fantasy, a Terra Extrema, que criei para as minhas estórias que um dia quem sabe possam ficar boas o suficiente pra aparecer para o mundo. rs

Long ago, where eternal's the cold,
In the lands where the Snow meets the Ice,
A warrior, in hand - a sword
Against his fate prepared to fight.

In sacred halls under the hills
The angels lived - unchained, unfree
The warrior there tried to pass
And them, alone, he had to face.

He tried to talk, but all in vain
The angels didn't want to hear;
They told him: "Leave!" - he dissobeyed,
He said: "Not even death I fear!"

He had to fight against them all,
He had no choice - he wouldn't leave
He had much honor and much pride,
His sword was shining much too bright...

But still - he didn't want to kill,
And angel's wing he cut instead.
The angels fell, yet she still lived;
And no one tried to help her then.

"You have betrayed us all. You'll die.
And pray we won't see you again."-
And thus, the angels left her - "let her lie!"
They left lying on the ground.

Lenn yelled, "Not gonna help her out?!"-
But there was no one to hear.


Walking through the empty halls,
With sword in hand, aware of all,
Lenn knew the angel followed him,
He looked behind and saw her tears..

She was afraid, with tears in eyes,
And she was suffering from here;
Lenn tried to help her, break the ice,
He almost told her: "You, come here",

But time he never had for that,
He simply thought: "Under attack!"
For angels - they would not forget
The one they met - until his death.

Missiles of magic filled the air -
He was the target… No escape...
The Angel hopefully stood upper -
No more they'd live... And no more suffer...

He yelled, "Faliss drestr rel-or-shes!
If you think I'll die - just forget!"
With mortal fear creeping deep,
He was prepared to resist.

He pushed the angel from the wall -
"There's a way out of here! I know!
And you will tell me where, see, girl?!"-
The angel pointed to the wall.

With one quite desperate effort,
The wall was broken by the sword
But no - too late - the magic strike
Achieved his goal... "Die Human die..."

Lenn felt his back burn - still, so what!
"Prepare to die, forsaken swarm!"
Adrenalin rush, heartbeat, cold sweat -
And no more fear, no thought of death.

He threw his sword with all his strength,
Prepared his bow - and shot again.
And more missiles hit him then,
He fell, got up and fell again...

The only way to live - escape;
The hole was big, enough for ten.
He threw the Angel there in,
And jumped - and then the ceiling fell.

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