quarta-feira, 6 de julho de 2011

Ainda em formação...

...An awkward feeling: to miss a feeling
That once you struggled to erase...
And somehow trying to regain it
Though knowing it is bound to fail...

For there has never been a chance. Yet, somehow
It seems to be so very wrong
To let it die, like this, forgotten
Under the melting snow...


These feelings that I deemed eternal -
Their memory begins to fade
"My one true love", as once I called her
Yet somehow, nothing does remain?

I knew a part of me would die -
And so it happened, now it seems

So strange and empty in this room now
With her, but, alas, not that feel
No rapid heartbeat, louder breathing
No silly smiles on my face...

With her, and trying to remember
The way I felt not (so?) long ago
Could it have faded - once, forever?
Like water on a sandy floor?

For it was great and undeclared
So has it faded into nigh?

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