quinta-feira, 28 de julho de 2011


Esta é uma letra que escrevi para uma música da Kumiho... a dona do Resmoneios Randômicos aí do lado. A melodia é linda, e ela merecia uma letra legal.
A idéia é um bardo velho contando a sua vida às pessoas em volta da fogueira. E cada verso dela refrete algo que eu já senti, vivi ou presenciei... em alguns casos metaforicamente, em outros literalmente. 

The Swan's Song - fev 2010
Tell me, when you stand at the first step of a journey
Do you know all the paths that you'll take?
For now I am here, at the end of my road.

And looking behind,
At the roads that I have travelled, 
The battles fought under the sun and the rain

I think of you who will hear my song
My rhymes are true, now, hear my song

For now I will sing about shadows in the night
And of light that shines
Light of our honor and love


I saw the death of all hopes in the night
Waiting for sunrise

I saw despair that lurked like a beast
Betrayal hiding in good deeds

Love that endured without chance though the years
Sometimes it was doomed to die
Oft it lived forevermore
And in its light I saw many things shine.

Leaves on the trees and the stars up in the sky
Their light, seen through the crowns
Breaks through the darkness of night

I saw the stars whose light gave us warmth
And from their warmth bravery came forth

People whose faces will face us from the crowd
They pass and they leave, all their stories remaining untold


Weakened and tired, without strength, without hope
Never do give up
These are my words, this is all I can say to you
In this song,
In my life
Now I'm going to rest.

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