terça-feira, 8 de março de 2011

If once you lost - forevermore?

Aye, truly the best order is the random one. This is somehow about the same person as in the Sword Eternal. It's the last of the cycle; someday the other two will be uploaded as well. The conflicts of a mind lost between hope and despair, in a neverending neverlosing neverwinning battle.

17 june 2006
...And so you see it is not over
What once you thought forever gone
And there's no second chance, but often
The first one hasn't quite run out...
And then you know there's light in darkness
And then you see another way
And just keep fighting - once, forever
Held by th'eternal dragonflame
And there's no second chance, it's clear
As clear as lightning under clouds
But still - who cares? And does it matter
If once you lost - forevermore?
There might be other way, or maybe
It is all wasted - then just rest.
Lay on the ground, the grass - whatever
And close your eyes, and then... forget.
And rise again - or maybe not - who cares?
Just rise and fight - or lie and sleep
And throw the shards into the greatest army,
And raise thy shield, and scream - "Just kiss my ass!!!..."
And go until the end, die calmly...
Fulfill thy mission, or do of all to have it done -
Or rest; and it is just as noble
As having never lost and never having to give up...

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  1. Eu admiro as pessoas que, assim como você, conseguem transferir seus sentimentos e pensamentos para o papel, de forma tão delicada quanto na poesia. Parabéns!