sexta-feira, 11 de março de 2011

Unspoken farewells in the silence of dawn...

I believe this to be the poem I took the longest to write, for no less than seven months did it take before being completed. The first two strophes were quick in the making, taking no longer than thirty minutes, and they were already in existence by April of last year. Then a first version of the second part of the poem did I write, yet it was not to my liking. So, during the next months, I thought about the second part of this poem; and only by the end of August of last year was it completed. Two verses at a time did I create, and some of them refer to people or events of great importance in my life.

I have seen battles fought under the stars
Rain falling down from the thickening clouds
Lighting in darkness and fire on the trees
Crimson-red thunder
Destroyer of dreams

Battles were lost, like so many before
Hopes went away, to return nevermore
Under the water the rivers now die
Under the mountains the dwarven lords lie

Under the shadow the sun fades away
Cold, freezing darkness in deafening gray
Voices of friends who have left long ago
Unspoken farewells in the silence of dawn

On roads with no end, walking down through the mist
No signs and no crossroads, just trails paved with weeds
You're nearly blind, and the choice's but your won...
Unspoken farewells in the silence of dawn.

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